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Jones Beach Observations

Current Observations Sun Dec 17, 5:21 pm local time

Pressure GradientsInchesDirTrend
AST - PDX0 EDecreasing

Temperature GradientsDegrees FTrend
AST - PDX0 Decreasing


Advice from the Jones Beach Gurus

Time of day - The 5:00pm rule seems to always be a part of what makes Jones work. In the summer wind starts at 3:30 even though the gradient has been there for awhile. The wind still doesn't really fill in to around five-ish!
Pressure: Look for .04 and increasing west gradient by early afternoon, sometimes even .03 if it has turned around fast.
Wind Directions - If Astoria goes SW and pressure gradient is in the right direction, then it is looking good. When this happens it often blows earlier at Jones.