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Now that I am part of iWindsurf (see home page announcement), I will be working on improved pressure gradient and image products to be available on this season

    Gorge Gradients Graphs of gradient trends that affect the wind in the gorge.
Surface Pressure

Nice surface plot of gradients. This is updated hourly, check the upper left corner for the time stamp.
Latest Visible Satellite Image

This image is really useful for checking the cloud line after sunrise.
Latest IR Satellite Image

Larger scale IR view. IR images aravaible 24 hours since they measure cloud top temperature and are not using visible light.
Latest Water Vapor Satellite Image
WV images are useful for tracking weak short waves in the summer. The back edge of a short wave will be dark where the atmosphere is very dry. Wind will often increase behind a weak short out east. The central gorge seems to be better just ahead of the short wave but typically will get very gusty behind it.
Coastal and Buoy Reports
NWS Bouy Page for the Oregon and Washington. Good for checking swell conditions as well as wind conditions.







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